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“Thanks for providing “real” writing - that’s very refreshing in these days of “canned content” all over the internet.”
BK, artist and writer in PA.

"You do a fabulous job of disseminating information in a serious-but-light, informative-but-accessible, scholarly-but-friendly way - not an easy balancing act! I believe you are helping many pets and many people through your generous efforts.  Congratulations on providing what is by far the best newsletter of it's kind around."  MA, behaviorist in Massachusetts

"I am so very thankful that you took the time to give us some information that we did not have before.
I can't believe that you are so generous with your time and your knowledge." 
JV (Grimsby, Ontario, Canada)

I enjoy your newsletter very much and look forward to each new topic, so thanks for graciously offering so much of your time and knowledge to all of us!"
BR (Palmerton, PA)

"I enjoy (and benefit from) your newsletter greatly, and have forwarded it to many friends. Thank you very much!  I am certain you are helping many pets and their owners a lot.  Please keep up the good work."

JB and The Fonz (A Bouvier De Flanders)  (Pendleton, Oregon)

“Today I received my first Newsletter...  I'm sorry I didn't subscribe sooner...  I love it.  You are truly a gem...  You spend so much time making us better pet-lovers.  Thank you so much!”
KS (Scranton, PA)

"Your newsletter is so informative! I want you to know I'm so glad I subscribed. Your newsletter has made me aware of the trouble our pets can get into that I had not thought of before."  JC (Quakertown, PA)

"I really appreciate your newsletter since I have 2 Labs. I read it religiously and it is great info."
TT (Cincinnati, OH)

"I read every issue and use some of the advice in my own patients!"   SF, a veterinarian in CA

"I have been enjoying your newsletter for a couple of months! (...) Thanks for all the hard work you put into this!"  AY (Summit Hill, PA)

For Email Marketing you can trust
I recently received this incredible email...

Dear Dr. Zeltzman,
I want to inform you of the far ranging positive effects of your newsletters. I am referring to the newsletter dated September 7, 2007, "Breast Cancer is Preventable in Cats and Dogs". I always look forward to the newsletters and have learned so much from them. But as I was reading the Sept. issue, my mind went to the Rottweiller of a co-worker. Annie, the Rott, is 6 years old and not spayed. The owners have been trying to breed her, unsuccessfully (which I do not approve of, but it is not my call). I told my co-worker about the incidence of breast cancer in unspayed dogs and her need to check Annie for these lumps. She did check her and found a lump the size of a pea around one of the nipples. The dog is scheduled for immediate surgery. The veterinarian is very concerned and says the tumor is suspicious but small and hopefully in a very early stage. While we were discussing this, another co-worker overheard the conversation and went home and checked her female dog that was a rescue dog and had been spayed after several years of age. She, too, found a tumor and the dog is scheduled for surgery immediately. If your article had not been written, the small tumors would not have been found, the prognosis would be much worse, and 2 very loved pets would be in more serious condition.
Thank you for all your work and research on these newsletters. I will continue to wait for them, learn from them, and hopefully, help my pets lead a much fuller life.
DR  (owned by your past patient, Autumn the Lab)
Middletown, Ohio
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