Success Stories

"Like Nothing Ever Happened" After Angus' Hip Surgery

Clifford is "doing exceptionally well" after ear surgery

Marlie, a success story of laryngeal paralysis

Grandpa Charlie had successful heart surgery

Amazing thank you note 11 years after surgery

Ready for field trials training after perineal hernia surgery

Colby, a 6 year cancer survivor

Pepper: great update 7 years after gallbladder removal !!!

Marlie the 13 year old Lab was suffocating…

Happy 2 year anniversary after Puppy Magic’s 4 surgeries!

4 successful TPLOs, 1 amazing pet owner and 1 fun video

Happy news 5 months after Kirra’s TPLO surgery

Successful fracture repair for Basil, the 23 year old kitty

Jack travels from NYC to treat his megacolon

Daisy is “joyful, playful and bouncy” 6 months after her TPLO

Misio breaks a leg yet his owner is happy!

Colby is a 5 year cancer survivor!

Short & sweet thank you note after 2 TPLOs on Misty

Instant relief after Clifford’s TECA !!!

Jago and the surprising neuter

4 months after her TPLO, Roxie runs like a puppy again

My furthest patient ever: Mae Mae, a Lab from Florida, is doing great after lar par surgery

Sadie travels from Ohio for her TECA!

Dori is doing well after her TPLO

Odette gets “a new chance to have a great life”

Bertha the bulldog walks a hour a day after a TPLO!

Emmie recovered great from her tumor removal

Honey and Otto recover from a TPLO at the same time!

How Nestle’s leg almost got amputated

Harley is doing awesome despite 2 major orthopedic surgeries

A 17 year old lives the good life in the UK 3 years after lar par surgery

Rubi runs like the wind 6 months after her FHO

Great update for Puppy Magic 1 year after TPLO

Great news for Toby 6 months after a TPLO

Molly is back to normal 4 months after her TPLO

Super nice comment after Tanner’s toe amputation

Kez is enjoying life 8 months after her TPLO

Hazel is doing great 9 months after her leg fracture

Coco’s 1 year anniversary after a TPLO

Mojave’s almost 3 year anniversary after a TPLO

Rhea is healed just in time for Christmas

“A new lease on life” after Mabel’s intimate “cosmetic” surgery

Good news for Nava the (anal sac) cancer survivor

Cirrus is having fun 2 years after her TPLO

Toby is back to normal 18 months after his TPLO

Amazing comment after a mass removal on Weez

Coco is doing great 4 months after kneecap dislocation surgery

Great news 7 months after elbow dysplasia surgery on Louie

Georgio is doing great after a mass is removed from his behind

Dutchess is back to normal after her TPLO

Nice comments sent for World Veterinary Day (April 27, 2019)

“A new lease on life” for Penny after laryngeal paralysis surgery

Rori is still great 2 years after open chest surgery

A quick note 1 month after Major’s brain surgery!

Update on Oliver 4 months after jaw tumor removal

Colby the 11 year old, chases tennis balls again

Gretta is doing great after her TPLOs

Foxie is “better than new” after ACL surgery

Mia, TPLO update after 1 year - and a kind referral

Peaches’ update 10 months after TPLO

A great update 2 years after a shattered femur

Update 2 months after Penny’s laryngeal paralysis surgery

A thank you note 1 year after… penis amputation???

A request for a second side TPLO on Morgan

A Juicy update 6 months after a TPLO.

An update on Winston 4 months after TPLO for a torn ACL

Chance makes a great recovery after a TPLO

Mia, happy ending after a TPLO

Bailey, 100% back to normal after a TPLO

Update 1 year after Sheldon’s laryngeal paralysis surgery

Chiniah’s story: A sweet and sour thank you card 9 months after surgery

Happiness after surgery for ongoing bladder infections

An amazing thank you note after 2 TPLOs

Happy update after a TPLO

Double compliments after 2 TPLO surgeries (and a word about braces)

Coda – an amazing note after prophylactic gastropexy

A thank you note after a TPLO:

Teddy (14 years old!): Happy ending after laryngeal paralysis surgery

Happy update 2 years after successful PRAA surgery

Thanksgiving 2016: Some amazing thank you notes from thankful owners of surgery patients:

A quick note 2 years after a shoulder problem

A super nice note before TPLO surgery

Thank you after elbow surgery (FCP/OCD)

A super nice note after TPLO surgery

Thank you 8 months after laryngeal paralysis (lar par) surgery

An amazing note after TECA surgery

Thank you after… penis amputation???

Skye Blue and her multiple surgeries

A quick update 18 months after a TPLO

An amazing thank you note 7 years after surgery!

A nice update 2 years after a TTA

Mira, successful ACL & kneecap surgery

Thank you note 3 months after ACL surgery

Titan, a scary story with a happy ending

Thank you note 3 months after a TPLO

The story of Memphis and his torn ACL

A thank you note 9 years after Zoe’s amputation

Charlie, successful story of laryngeal paralysis surgery

Thank you after Sasha’s laryngeal paralysis

Steeler, successful story of spleen removal

Happy news after Lucca’s TPLO

Cassie is pain free after 2 TPLOs

Bruiser, surgery to remove a mass on the anus

Great update 4 months after Lou’s elbow surgery

Josey, successful story of laryngeal paralysis surgery

Note after a TPLO on Brandy, the Dobie rescue

Hector, successful story of bladder stone removal

Video 4 months after TPLO on Boomer

Yuengling, story of a successful TPLO

Thank you 4 months after TPLO on Izzy

Hector, successful story of removal of BOTH eyes!

Happy feedback the day after a TPLO

Teddy, story of successful laryngeal paralysis surgery

A super nice thank you note almost 2 months after open chest surgery

Lily, story of successful ear surgery (TECA)

Incredibly nice comments 3 years after laryngeal paralysis surgery on Caesar

Skyy, story of successful surgery for a slipped disc in the neck

Royal, a successful double TPLO story

Koda, story of a successful TPLO

Nice comment after laryngeal paralysis surgery on Matches

Buddy, happy story of ACL surgery

Rocky, a successful TPLO story

Update 9 months after Sparky's laryngeal paralysis surgery

Rudy’s amazing TPLO story

Broadway, successful story of TPLO surgery

Yeager, from suffocation due to laryngeal paralysis to quality of life

Conan’s inspiring cancer survival story

Chica, success story of a broken bone repair

Morgan, successful TPLO story

Bo’s story of amputation because of bone cancer

Gracie, successful laryngeal paralysis surgery

Great news 4 months after TPLO on Brooklyn

Hunter’s story - a touching email after PRAA surgery

Mango’s story of a successful nose job

Cali's Story of Intussusception (Intestinal Condition) Surgery

Ming's Story of Car Accident, Pneumothorax, Wounds, and Recovery

Kobe's Story of Paralysis of Back Legs and Recovery

Sadie's Story of Hip Dislocation and FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy)

Bella's Story of Car Accident, Wounds, and Recovery

Onnah's Story of Enlarged Gallbladder

Zama's Story of Fractured Pelvis Repair

Chase's Story of Salivary Mucocele Removal

Olive's Story of ACL Tear and TPLO

Lola's Story of ACL Tear and TPLO

Harley's Story of ACL (CCL) Tear and TPLO

Marlowe's Story of Front Leg Fracture

Scruffino's Story of Invasive Neck/Throat Cancerous Tumor

Moten's Story of Forearm Fracture

Cinder's Story of Fractured Leg

Schnitzel's Story of Thyroid Cancer

Plato's Story of Slipped Disc and Paralyzation

Mandie's Story of Bladder Infections and Redundant Vulvar Fold

Milo's Story of Torn ACL and TPLO

Socks' Story of Broken Femur

Hunter's Story of Torn ACL and TPLO

Garrison's Story of Jaw Cancer

Zada's Story of Blood in Ear

Gimley's Story of Fractured Humerus and Nerve Damage

Maddie's Story of Weakness and Benign Tumor

Blayze's Story of Cancerous Anal Sac

Pebbles' Story of Slipped Disc and Back Surgery

Indy's Story of Toe Injuries

Parker's Story of Urinary Obstruction

Uber's Story of Slipped Disk and Surgery

Bailee's Story of Laryngeal Paralysis

Jia's Story of Paralyzation

Kane's Story of Anal Sac Cancer

Snoopy's Story of Bad Knees

George's Story of Slipped Disc and Paralyzation

Zoe's Story of Bone Cancer

Fuzzy Butt's Story of Dog Attack and Tibia Fracture

Buddy's Story of Lower Jaw Tumor

Jake's Story of Torn ACL and TPLO

Chubby's Story of Skull Tumor

Gettysburg's Story of TPLO

Buttercup's Story of Laryngeal Paralysis

Recchi's Story of Left Cheek Mass

Cindy's Story of Pelvic Fractures

Ebony's Story of Kidney Pseudo-Cysts and Liver Mass

Skipper's Story of Thigh Bone Fracture

Harley's Story of Shattered Femur

Jake's Story of Torn ACL and TPLO

Newman's Story of Foreign Body Ingestion

Molly's Story of Femur Fracture

Nikki's Story of Anal Sac Cancer

Molly's Story of Torn ACL and TPLO

Alaska's Story of Neck Mass

White Paw's Story of Urinary Blockage

Bernadette's Story of Ankle Tumor and Amputation

Chloe's Story of Urinary Incontinence

Maisey's Story of Kidney Pseudocysts

Bailey's Story of Nasal Cancer

Roisin's Story of Torn Vulva

Bob's Story of Foreign Body Ingestion

Aries' Story of Neutering

Precious' Story of Tongue Mass

Paulie's Story of Double Congenital Hernia

Alfredo's Story of Torn ACL and TPLO

Layla's Story of Fractured Tibia

Sasha's Story of Salivary Gland Cancer

April's Story of Intestinal Blockage due to Foreign Body Ingestion

Nikita's Story of Spontaneous Pneumothorax (Free Air in Chest)

Jack's Story of Multiple Injuries due to Car Accident

Ellie's Story of Slipped Disk

Preston's Story of Broken Front Leg

Clifford's Story of Torn ACL and TPLO

Keiser's Story of Rib Cancer and Khazak's Story of Bladder Cancer

Abby's Story of Achilles Tendon Weakness and Lazy Thyroid

Jazmine's Story of Liver and Intestine Tumors

Scully's Story of Lower Lip Mass

Benny Gillen's Story of Fractured Radius

Shadow's Story of Perianal Fistulas

Chloe's Story of Damaged Trachea

Gator's Story of Bone Cancer and Leg Amputation

Emmie's Story of Poorly Healed Front Leg Fracture

Belle's Story of Dislocated Kneecaps

Dakota's Story of Severe Constipation

Herbie's Story of Urethral Blockage and Bladder Stones

Honey's Story of Laryngeal Paralysis

Copper's Story of Slipped Disc

Logan's Story of Torn ACL and TPLO

Vinyard's tory of Fractured Elbows and Forearm

Missy's Story of Paralyzation

Eljay's Story of Nostril Enlargement

Tucker's Story of Splenic Mass

Sheena's Story of Gallbladder Disease

Beauty's Story of Adrenal Gland Tumor

Mocha's Story of Tail Mass

Chopper's Story of Laryngeal Paralysis

Kiki's Story of Fractured Toes

Tucker's Story of Torn ACL and TPLO

Ekko's Story of Twisted Intestine

Fritz's Story of Adrenal Gland Tumor

Bashia's Story of Spleen and Lung Cancer

Coda's Story of Torn ACL and TPLO

Dazzle's Story of Kidney Disease

Maygan's Story of Groin Tumor

Lucy's Story of Hip Dislocation

Jag's Story of Cut Tendons in Paw

Timber's Story of Laryngeal Paralysis

Zeus' Story of Organ Malformation

Autumn's Story of TPLO

Abbee's Story of Shoulder Dislocation

Derby's Story of Paralyzation

Galiana's Story of Fractured Humerus

Bonnie's Story of Upper Airway Condition & Clyde's Story of Bladder Stones

Bear's Story of Spleen Condition

Gretchen's Story of Slipped Disc

Sassy's Story of Liver Cancer

Shadow's Story of Suture Leak

Shiloh's Story of ACL Tears and TPLO

Lou's Story of Chest Cancer and Wilson's Story of Hip Dysplasia

Max's Story of Urinary Obstruction

Rags' Story of Liver Cancer

Ripley's Story of Slipped Disc

Milie's Story of Lung Cancer

Big Bunny's Story of Leg Injury and Amputation

Sami's Story of Fractured Pelvis

Jesse's Story of Liver Tumor

Jackson's Story of Slipped Disc

Gus' Story of Fractured Kneecap

Milton's Story of ACL Tear and TPLO

Teddy's Story of Slipped Disc

Peggy's Story of Kidney Hydronephrosis

Amos' Story of Slipped Disc

Quake's Story of Slipped Disc

Bebe's Story of Loose Kneecaps

Bailey's Story of Open Wound on Ankle

Isis' Story of Spleen and Liver Cancer

Ruby's Story of Slipped Disc

Champ's Story of Bone Cancer

Buddy's Story of Immune-Mediated Poly-Arthritis

Cricket's Story of Dislocated Hip and Fractured Thigh Bone

George's Story of Blocked Urehra

Paloma's Story of Chest/Heart Cancer

Greta's Story of Broken Tibia

Cody's Story of Broken Forearm

Sooty's Story of Hip Dysplasia

Sprout's Story of Cancer of the Shoulder Blades

Mac Cavity's Story of Urethral Obstruction and Hyperactive Thyroid

Bob's Story of Laryngeal Paralysis

Rosie's Story of Slipped Disc

Simon Potter's TPLOs

Ziggy's Story of Foreign Body Ingestion

Lobo's Story of Inflammation of the Nose

Leo's Story of Dislocated Back

Snow's Story of Slipped Disc

Lively's (Cat) Story of Torn ACL

General's Story of Megacolon

Chooch's Story of Slipped Disc

Wickett's Story of Perineal Hernia

Noodles' Story of Leg Fractures

Corky's Story of Slipped Disk

Misalis' Story of Paw and Tail Fractures

Heidi's Story of Slipped Disc

Sophie's Story of Diaphragmatic Hernia

Samson's Story of Slipped Disc

Lady's Story of Torn ACL and Dislocated Kneecap

Kevin Ryan's Story of Hair Ball Blockage and Liver Cysts

Sophie's Story of Chipped Elbow

Luke's Story of Melanoma and Jaw Tumor

Ellie's Story of Torn ACL and TPLO

Kane's Story of Torn ACL and TPLO

Nanuk's Story of ACL and TPLO

Bella's Story of Back Problems and NO Surgery

Maverick's Story of Spleen and Liver Cancer

Oliver's Story of Torn ACL

Zhen's Story of Pelvic Tumor

Yogie Bear's Story of Fractured Forearm

Daniel's Story of Dislocated Kneecaps

Tala's Story of ACL and TPLO

Moose's Story of Laryngeal Paralysis

Maslow's Story of Urethral Stone

Madison's Story of Torn ACLs and TPLO Surgeries

Silla's Story of Tibia Fracture

Queenie's Story of Multiple Fractures

Cheyenne's Story of Obesity and TPLO

Trooper's Story of Multiple Fractures

Zoey's Story of Torn ACL and TPLO

Shade's Story of Laryngeal Plasma Cell Tumor

Jace's Story of Torn ACL and TPLO

Alaska's Story of Free Air in Chest (Spontaneous Pneumothorax)

Luke's Story of Lower Jaw Cancerous Tumor

Dusty's Story of Laryngeal Paralysis

Montana's Story of Dislocated Kneecap

Ziva's Story of Twisted Intestines

Jackson's Story of ACL Tear and TPLO

Brooke's Story of ACL Tear and TPLO

Molly's Story of Lower Jaw Tumor

Bella's Story of Lower Jaw Tumor

Harley's Story of Torn ACL and TPLO

Gracie's Story of Laryngeal Collapse

Jago's Story of Torn ACL and TPLO

Baron's Story of ACL Tear and TPLO

Daisy's Story of Multiple Injuries and Fractured Ankle

Blizz's Story of 3 Broken Toes

Brutus' Story of Paralysis due to Slipped Disc

Baby's Story of Physical Therapy After Surgery

Harry's Story of Difficulty Breathing due to Flat Face

Lady's Story of ACL Tear

Toby's Story of Jaundice and Gallbladder Removal

Baci's Story of Foreign Body Ingestion

Buddy's Story of Dislocated Kneecaps

Katie's Story of Shoulder Dislocation

Casey's Story of Foreign Body Ingestion

Rozi's Story of Broken Jaw

Miranda's Story of Paralyzation due to Slipped Disc

Killer's Story of Paralyzation and Luke's Story of Malignant Melanoma

Kikka's Story of Torn ACL and TPLO

Darwin's Story of FCP and ACL Tear with TPLO

Sealie's Story of Torn ACL and Lymphoma

Zama's Story of Shattered Pelvis

Cala's Story of Laryngeal Paralysis

Caesar's Story of Laryngeal Paralysis

Rusty's Story of Paralyzation Due to a Slipped Disc

Chase's Story of Cancer of the Spleen and Liver

Sad Stories