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Emmie and Titters – an amazing comment postop

Emmie, a 6 year old Golden, had a TPLO in 2016 to address a torn ACL. Titters, a 13 year old Maine Coon, had a golf ball sized cancerous tumor on his flank.

Their owner ME writes: "2016 my dog Emmie tore her ACL. We were devastated and immediately made an appt at our local emergency vet. Right after I scheduled I had this overwhelming gloom... I called the office and cancelled. I started to cry.. What would I do for my girl? I remember sitting at work thinking I need to do something. I started researching on the internet and saw all the amazing reviews about Dr Zeltzman.... I called and scheduled Emmie and it felt so right! After a few hours we got the call that Emmie did very well... It’s now 2 years later and my little girl runs, plays and is doing very well!!! 
2018 one week ago... I called Dr Zeltzman again concerning my cat who was diagnosed with spindle cell sarcoma in September. I was too afraid of surgery since he is 13 and has a slight heart murmur. Once he was diagnosed I figured I would try a diet and herbs to give him quality of life. I totally forgot about Dr Zeltzman at that time but as the tumor grew and he had just posted to his blog, I remembered his amazing skills and consulted him. He wrote back immediately and said let me save him for you. It felt so right this time. He had surgery one week ago and removed the sarcoma. He is doing so well! I can't thank Dr. Zeltzman enough for all he has done for my furkids. He has amazing talent and is so compassionate about his work! I am very blessed to find such quality care and there are no words to express my gratitude! For without him my world would be a dark place!!! I highly recommend him and he will be the ONLY surgeon to help my babies! "

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