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VPN Editorial Blog, December 20, 2010: Having Fun at the Supermarket

Anal sac carcinoma. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1420, 12-10-10 (F) (L)


ACL tears in Labradors. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1420, 12-10-10 (F) (S)


Zoledronic acid in osteosarcoma. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1420, 12-10-10 (F) (S)


Quiz: Urethral prolapse in a dog. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1420, 12-10-10 (F)


Quiz: Ruptured intestine in a dog. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1428, 12-3-10 (F)


VPN Editorial Blog, December 15, 2010: Wanna make money? First make your employees happy


VPN - Surgical Insights: How Good a Surgeon Are You? December 2010


VPN Editorial Blog, November 15, 2010: 25 Q-and-A’s for Cutting Edge’s First Anniversary

Quiz: Radius curvus in a dog. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1426, 11-19-10 (F)

VPN Editorial Blog, November 11, 2010: Pearls of Scientific Knowledge


VPN - Surgical Insights: Size doesn’t matter, November 2010

VPN - Surgical Insights: 7 principles to be a smooth operator, October 2010


VPN - Special: Pet insurance gurus answer skeptics, October 2010


VPN Editorial Blog: October 18, 2010: Do You Own a Spleen?


Quiz: Dystocia in a Chihuahua. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1421, 10-15-10 (F)


Quiz: Stomach feeding tube in a dog. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1421, 10-8-10 (F)


Exercise protocol for Exercise-Induced Collapse. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1419, 10-1-10 (F) (S)


VPN Editorial Blog: October 4, 2010: Notes from a financial meeting

Quiz: Oral melanoma in a dog. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1418, 9-24-10 (F)


Causes of pyothorax in cats. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1416, 9-10-10 (F) (L)

Quiz: stomach tumor. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1414, 2010, p. 25.

VPN - Early surgery is only option for some conditions, September 2010

VPN Editorial Blog: September 10, 2010: “How to Lose a Client in 6 Words.”


VPN Editorial Blog: August 26, 2010: Drugs in Our Collective Back Yard


Dog Fancy, October 2010.  “Dogs gone wild,” p. 25.


Bite wounds in humans –, October 2010


Dog Fancy, September 2010.  “Critical condition. Common dog surgeries,” p. 38-41.


VPN – Surgical Insights: To Avoid Culture Shock, Master the Art, August 2010


VPN Editorial Blog, August 9, 2010: Answers From a Place of Authority

Dog Fancy, August 2010:  Easing the final days with hospice care

VPN - Web exclusive: What Does It Take to be a Great Technician? July 2010:


VPN Editorial Blog, July 26, 2010: 10 Deadly Sins of Untreated ACLs


VPN Editorial Blog, July 12, 2010: A Short History of Medicine


Splenectomy and immune-mediated.hemolytic anemia. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1412/13, 7-2/9-10 (F) (S)


Limb prosthesis in a cat. Phil Zeltzman et al. SV 1412/13, 7-2/9-10 (F) (S)


VPN - Surgical Insights: The Art and the Science of Proper Bandaging, July 2010


VPN - Web exclusive: They Used to Apply What on Wounds?, July 2010:


VPN Editorial Blog: June 21, 2010: When Clients Twist My Arm - Fecchi's story

VPN  Editorial Blog:  June 7, 2010: We have met the enemy and it is us:


VPN  Editorial Blog: May 24, 2010: Do you want to retire someday?


VPN - Surgical Insights: A Guide to Managing Osteosarcoma Patients, June 2010:


VPN - Web exclusive: Osteosarcoma Statistics, June 2010: 


Prognosis of hemoabdomen can be good. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1409, 6-11-10 (F) (S)


Quiz: Gastric tumor. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1409, 6-11-10 (F)


VPN - Surgical Insights: An Expert’s Approach to Osteoarthritis, May 2010: 

VPN Editorial Blog - May 11, 2010: Despite Odd Requests, the Client Is Always Right 

Hiatal hernia. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1407, 5-28-10 (F)


Intussusception in cats: cause varies with age. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1406, 5-21-10 (F) (S)


National pet week 2010. Phil Zeltzman. Supplement ASV, SV 1405, 5-14-10 (F) (S)


Quiz: linear foreign body. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1405, 5-14-10 (F)


Remove urinary catheters after 4 days.  Phil Zeltzman. SV 1404, 5-7-10 (F) (S) 

VPN Editorial Blog - April 26, 2010: Is Palliative Surgery Ethical?

VPN Editorial Blog - April 12, 2010: Reflections of a Modern Dinosaur

VPN - Surgical Insights: Manage Cancer Patients in 5 Steps, April 2010


Laryngeal paralysis has good prognosis.  Phil Zeltzman. SV 1403, 4-30-10 (F) (S)


Perirenal pseudo-cysts in cat.  Phil Zeltzman. SV 1403, 4-30-10 (F) (L)


National pet week 2010. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1403, 4-30-10 (F) (S)


Quiz: Guinea pig castration. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1400, 4-9-10 (F)


Surgical treatment of gallbladder mucocele. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1400, 4-9-10 (F) (S)


Anal sac adenosarcoma. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1400, 4-9-10 (F) (S)


Quiz: Hip luxation. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1399, 4-2-10 (F)

VPN - Web Exclusive: Trephination: Get More Cells and Less Blood, April 2010

VPN Editorial Blog - Monday, March 29, 2010: I Don't Want to Put Him Through This


Quiz: Testicular torsion. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1398, 3-26-10 (F)


Good prognosis for pneumothorax. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1397, 3-19-2010 (F) (S)


VPN Editorial Blog: Monday, March 15, 2010 - Who cares about the diagnosis?

A day with the Buffalos at the Lehigh Valley Zoo. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1396, 3-5-2010 (F) (L)


VPN - Surgical Insights: No such thing as a negative exploratory, March 2010.


Quiz: barium in the lungs. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1393, 2-19-2010 (F)


Taking better X-rays of the shoulder blade. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1393, 2-19-2010 (F) (L)

Quiz: medial patellar luxation. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1350, 3-6-2009 (F)

VPN Editorial Blog - March 1, 2010: Feed them and they will come.


VPN Editorial Blog - February 16, 2010: Dealing with (mis)guidance.

Super-specialists. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1389, 1-22-10. (F) (L)


Quiz: Ruptured bladder. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1389, 1-22-10.  


“Pain Patches.”  Phil Zeltzman. The Bark, February/March 2010, p. 82.


VPN Editorial Blog - February 1, 2010: Anesthesia: It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over 

Intussusception in the cat. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1392, 2-12-10. (F) (S)

VPN - Surgical Insights: Making sense of the neuro exam, February 2010.
VPN - Web exclusive: 80% of ‘Painful’ Dogs Have Spinal Compression. February 2010.

Quiz: Mesenteric volvulus.  Phil Zeltzman. SV 1391, 2-5-10. (F)  

Appetite stimulants.  Phil Zeltzman. SV 1391, 2-5-10. (F)  (L) 

Alleviating the ouch.  Phil Zeltzman. Dog Fancy February 2010.

Quiz: Bladder rupture.  Phil Zeltzman. SV 1389, 1-22-10. (F)  

Veterinary super-specialists.  Phil Zeltzman. SV 1389, 1-22-10. (F) (L)

Exclusive coverage of the 2009 ACVS symposium. Phil Zeltzman. SV 1388, 1-15-10. (F) (L)

VPN - Surgical Insights: The 10 Commandments of Referral Bliss, January 2010.

VPN Editorial Blog - January 18, 2010: Who should euthanize Leia?


VPN Editorial Blog - January 4, 2010: Changing the world, one patient at a time


Removing part of the pelvis (hemipelvectomy). Phil Zeltzman. SV 1387, 1-8-10. (F) (S)

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