Pet Pain Management


For both humans and pets, pain is truly a four-letter word. This is why Dr. Zeltzman considers pain management the number one priority when it comes to caring for your pet before, during, and after his or her surgery. Committed to the personalized treatment of your pet, Dr. Zeltzman offers the latest in pain management options.

For some surgeries, depending on the patient, pain medication may be administered before surgery. This could include an epidural, medication within an IV, or drugs placed directly into a joint. Regardless, the goal for Dr. Zeltzman is to keep your pet as comfortable and safe as possible.

Once your pet’s surgery has been completed, he or she will be sent home with anti-inflammatory and/or morphine-like drugs. The former is to reduce the swelling associated with surgery, while the latter is meant to manage the accompanying pain. In addition, your pet may also receive antibiotics or other necessary medications.

For more information about Dr. Zeltzman, or his protocol for pain management, feel free to contact him today.