Post-Surgical Veterinary Care


Your pet may be through with his or her surgery, but the road to recovery has just begun. Equally important to the procedure itself, the post-surgical care your pet receives will greatly impact recovery, as well as his or her comfort along the way.


Dr. Zeltzman takes a holistic approach to post-surgical care, keeping in mind his patients’ wellbeing far beyond their recovery from surgery. He begins this process by considering the whole patient, as opposed to just the surgery site. This starts with a consultation provided to every owner and a discussion about the appropriate food for their pet, depending on their condition.

Regardless of the procedure your pet undergoes, you as the owner will receive discharge instructions specifically tailored to his or her needs. This includes instructions for incision care, exercise restrictions, physical therapy, medications, follow-up appointments, X-ray schedule, and bandage changes.

No matter if your pet undergoes a simple soft tissue procedure or a more complex neurologic surgery, he or she needs proper and compassionate follow-up care. For more information about the services Dr. Zeltzman performs, or the post-surgical care he provides, you are invited to contact him today. He will be happy to answer any of your questions.