Articles 1994

(In addition to countless short articles...)

Creating a feline-friendly practice. Phil Zeltzman. SV 754, 11-26-1994. (F) (L)

Quiz: are you a happy practitioner? Phil Zeltzman. SV 753, 11-19-1994. (F) (L)

Emergencies and ethics in the Paris region. Phil Zeltzman et al. SV 750, 10-29-1994, p.4-5. (F) (L)

How to deal with unpaid bills. Phil Zeltzman. SV 749, 10-22-1994. (F) (L)

Selling your practice. Phil Zeltzman. SV 748, 10-15-1994. (F)

Analysis of the 1994 competitive exam results. Phil Zeltzman. SV 747, 10-8-1994. (F) (L)

Important documents: to save or to trash? Phil Zeltzman et al. SV 744, 9-17-1994. (F) (L)

Round table on the "veterinary" trademark. Phil Zeltzman et al. SV 742 bis, 7-2-1994. (F) (L)

Introduction of a new book at 2 French Vet Schools. Phil Zeltzman. SV 742, 6-25-1994. (F) (L)

Exclusive coverage of Belle-Ile conference on management. Phil Zeltzman. SV 739, 6-4-1994. (F) (L)

Controlling inventory with bar codes. Phil Zeltzman. SV 737, 5-21-1994. (F) (L)

Exclusive coverage of Pharmagora. Phil Zeltzman et al. SV 735, 5-7-1994. (F) (L)

Exclusive coverage of an ophthalmology conference. Phil Zeltzman. SV 734, 4-30-1994. (F) (L)

Analysis of a surprisingly successful April fool’s joke. Phil Zeltzman. SV 733, 4-23-1994. (F) (L)

Exclusive coverage of the BSAVA conference. Phil Zeltzman. SV 732, 4-16-1994. (F) (L)

Liability insurance. Phil Zeltzman et al. SV 731, 4-2-1994. (F) (L)

April fool’s joke: creation of the SURF union. Phil Zeltzman. SV 731, 4-1-1994, p. 3-7. (F) (L)

The pet insurance files. Phil Zeltzman. SV 730, 3-26-1994, p. 3-7. (F) (L)

Separation anxiety. Phil Zeltzman. SV 724, 2-12-1994. (F) (L)

Preventing aggressive behavior. Phil Zeltzman. SV 719, 1-8-1994. (F) (L)

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