. Stem cell therapy. Reading, PA.

. Patellar luxation: what you need to know. Bethlehem, PA.

. September 18, 2011: Second Lehigh Valley VMA Fall Symposium:
    Cardiology, dermatology and surgery conferences, as well as a communication work shop.

Feedback from attendees:

* What a fantastic day! I truly cannot remember any seminar I have been to where all the presenters were so entertaining and gave such incredibly useful information for everyday use! It really was exceptional!

* I feel like I left with knowledge I could use immediately in practice.‏

* Just wanted to say I had a great time at the meeting. The speakers did a good job of imparting good, useful information in an engaging manner. Thanks again for organizing a great conference


. Open wound management and VAC therapy.  Bethlehem, PA.

. Open wound management and VAC therapy. Reading, PA.

. May 2011: ALL DAY SEMINAR for the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association in State College, PA:
        Gave 6 conferences on:
        . Stomach surgery
        . Intestinal surgery
        . "Interactive cases" (part 1)
        . Gallbladder surgery
        . Bladder surgery
        . "Interactive cases" (part 2)

. May 2011: First LVVMA ALL DAY BUSINESS SEMINAR, "Taking care of business: the protection meeting."
 A meeting with 1 CPA, 2 financial advisers, 1 insurance specialist, a pet insurance pro and a social media guru.
. Surgical asepsis.  Reading, PA.

Surgical endocrinology. Bethlehem, PA.

5 pet insurance myths debunked. Allentown, PA.

. Suture secrets revealed.  Reading, PA.

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