. Monthly Case presentation for the Lehigh Valley VMA (LVLV, Lehigh Valley Lunching Veterinarians).

. Monthly presentation at Wright’s Veterinary Medical Center (Bethlehem, PA).

Gave multiple conferences, for a total of 20 hours of continuing education credits. 

Comments from some attendees:

“The CE was excellent. I get more practical information from your lectures than I do from 5 days at a big conference.”  Dr. J.

“Your desire to educate vets and raise the level of patient care is amazing. Thank you for all you have taught me!” Dr. M.

. What you need to know about gallbladder surgery.

. October: 4 presentations at the American College of Veterinary Surgeons
"Anesthesia of the Endocrine Patient – Part 1"
"Anesthesia of the Endocrine Patient – Part 2"
"Professional Liability and the Surgery Technician"
"10 steps to excellent wound care"

. September 26, 2010: First Lehigh Valley VMA Fall Symposium, the first all-day CE seminar ever organized in the Lehigh Valley.

Organized the meeting and presented 5 talks:

The 5 minute neuro exam

Common sense approach to the “back” patient

Diagnosing partial ACL tears without losing your mind

Differential diagnosis of “back” patients

Gallbladder surgery

(Spontaneous) comments from some attendees:

Dr M: “That was fantastic! Everything was great. The speakers, the info itself, the venue, the food, the sponsors, the gifts!!!!!!!!(…) It really really brings people together. I don't think there has ever been an opportunity for so much interaction among vets who semi-knew or didn't know each other in the LVVMA. (…) You have such a rare combo of qualities of expertise, teacher, social connector, organizer, persuader, etc. Thank you so much for using them for all of our benefit!”

Dr K: “I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the conference today. The venue was great, the acoustics were great; you could hear the speakers very well and see the slides. The speakers were well versed and interesting, the smaller number of people made for a more intimate feeling to the whole thing.

(…) I really appreciate information I can use. (…)  Love the interactive style of the talks and audience participation. Hope you have another one in the works!”

Sheri with ProVetLogic, a sponsor: “Thank you for yesterday's conference. I found it most interesting and fun too.”

Dr S: “THANK YOU for the great CE today. I got a lot of good info and you made it a lot of fun”

Joshua with Veterinary Pathology Services, a sponsor: “Dear Phil,  Jim and I are so grateful for your support and belief in our endeavor. Thank you for inviting us to your symposium - we enjoyed it s great deal - and are amazed at your energy and focus.

We send you our very best wishes and thanks for everything you do and have done for us - with friends like you we will make our endeavor work!”

Anonymous: “Thanks for putting this together.”

Dr D: “Thank you so much for the Fall Symposium.  What a wonderful event - great speakers, great food, great sponsors, great day”.

Anonymous: “Loved the program. So nice to have a more personal event, not to be 1 in 1000. Able to discuss issues at our table.”

Dr N: “Thank you for a great CE yesterday. Your part was fabulous as usual and I enjoyed the Dental Specialist and MRI info also.  I could tell it took a lot of time to coordinate the event.”

Anonymous: “Very nicely done. There was a great interaction between the speakers and the audience.”

. September: The neuro exam (Reading, PA)

. September: Management of the "disc" patient (Reading, PA)

. June: Surgical asepsis conference (Bethlehem, PA).

. September: The neuro exam (Reading, PA). September: Management of the "disc" patient (Reading, PA). June: Surgical asepsis conference

. June: invitation to speak at the First International Veterinary Congress in Istanbul, Turkey
        * Open wound management
        * 20 ways to avoid problems with anesthesia and surgery

. Open wound management - What you need to know

. Gallbladder surgery - What you need to know

. Stomach surgery - What you need to know

. Intestinal surgery - What you need to know

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