. Monthly Case presentation for the Lehigh Valley VMA (LVLV, Lehigh Valley Lunching Veterinarians).

. Monthly Case presentation at Wright’s Veterinary Medical Center (Bethlehem, PA).

. Interview by Dr. Patty Khuly (www.dolittler.com)

Click here to read it: Interview of Dr Zeltzman for www.Dolittler.com

. Drain management (ACVS symposium - San Diego, CA)

. Drain products (ACVS symposium - San Diego, CA)

. Open wound management (ACVS symposium - San Diego, CA)

. Challenging surgery cases - test your diagnostic skills (LV-VMA, Whitehall, PA)

. 10 steps to relieve arthritis (Whitehall, PA)

. Prepubertal spays and neuters (LV-VMA, Whitehall, PA)

. Feline stones and urethral plugs (LV-VMA, Whitehall, PA)

. Radio interview on Pet Life Radio by Dr. Bernadine Cruz

. Radio interview for USA Radio

. Interview in Veterinary Practice News.

. Open wound management - 10 steps to look like a hero (LV-VMA, Whitehall, PA)

. TPLO – “Totally Perfect or Lousy Option”? (NEP-VMA, Dunmore, PA)

. 10 steps to relieve arthritis (Hellertown, PA)

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