10-4-16: TTA Rapid course instructor in Columbus, Ohio


Thank you note from a participant:

“Thank you for a great course. It was well organized, well run, and the tag team of Phil and Justin is a perfect back and forth between styles. (We had) four opportunities to see and do the procedure. It gave me the confidence to begin doing the procedure.”

Note from the organizer:

“I would like to sincerely thank you for your continued support and educational commitments. The course evals speak for themselves [100% rating from 10/10 attendees] and I truly believe that your content and style are appreciated by each of the attendees and they walk away feeling much more confident of the clinical value they can bring to their client and patients.”



7-24-16: TTA Rapid course instructor in Philadelphia


Thank you note from the organizer:

"Dr Zeltzman, thank you so much for another successful course. I truly appreciate your skills at presenting both technical and theoretical topics. Over the past three years, you have enabled the success of the TTA Rapid. I would highly recommend you as a speaker and consultant!"



6-21-16: conference in Reading, PA: “10 secret tips from a surgeon.”

Thank you card from Dr SB, the organizer from the Schuylkill Valley Veterinary Medical Association:

“Dr. Zeltzman, Thank you for speaking to our local colleagues. It is always a learning opportunity and we look forward to being "put on the spot" with your quizzes.”

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