October 27, 2018: Presentation at Uncharted Veterinary Conference: “A volcano ate my drone.”

Comments from attendees:
. Great presentation!
. Loved his story telling.
. Great use of humour. Really enjoyed it!
. Phil is an amazing speaker. I enjoyed the mic drop immensely.
. Deadpan and hilarious.
. Great job creating a memorable story with a really applicable message and making it absolutely hilarious and entertaining.
. You use comedy in a manner that doesn't even seem like you are trying. Well done.
. Have tissues at every table because I was crying with laughter

October 26, 2018: 2 hour workshop at Uncharted Veterinary Conference: “How to Get Stuff Done and change your life.”

August 4, 2018: TTA Rapid course instructor (1 of 2) in Chicago, IL.
Comments from attendees:
. Instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful
. Great facilitators. Determined to have you leave with practical info.
. Excellent. Best lab I have ever attended.

July 5, 2018: 2 hour long interview/podcast about “Money Mastery”
With Dr Dave Nicol, founder of VetX, a UK-US-Australia coaching program for young vets. Comment from the host:
“I saw Phil speak at Uncharted Vet Conference and I loved his content and disarming humour. So I was delighted that he agreed to present to the VetX Graduate Community on the topic of Money Mastery. The feedback from the talk was great. No question was too silly or small for him to answer and his content was very practical and actionable. He more than met my expectations :)
Dr Dave Nicol”

June 2, 2018: TTA Rapid course instructor (1 of 2) in Melbourne, FL.
Comments from attendees:
. Excellent pace, great information.
. Liked having 2 instructors. Made Q & A easier. Very nice, helpful team.
. The course hit all the important points. The instructors were very good and monitoring questions and explaining the procedure.
. The instructors demonstrated abundant practical knowledge.
. Justin & Phil were amazing. Great CE!
.Thank you so much for giving such an informative talk. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much.

April 28, 2018: Presentation at Uncharted Veterinary Conference: “Goal setting for high achievers.”

• Comment from the one and only Dr. Andy Roark: “Hey Phil, I hope your trip home was great. You did a phenomenal job on your mic drop. I just wanted to restate that again.”
• He was so funny! Great job.
• Hilarious talk!
• Seemed very natural on stage - did not seem nervous.
• Really enjoyed Phil's humor and delivery. It was refreshing to have some unexpected comedy!
• Great dry humour. Loved it.
• No question, my favorite presenter! I laughed so much, and took home a great tool for goal setting.
• Such a great topic presented in such an engaging way! It made me rethink my own goals and inspired me to teach SMART goals to my staff sooner rather than later.
• Phil's speech built to a crescendo and had everyone rolling with laughter.
• Phil was the surprise package for me, such dry delivery, but such a funny presentation. Loved it.
• Yours was my absolute favorite talk. The talk was incredible. Everything from the hilarious jokes, to the actionable advice, to the powerpoint slides, to the whole topic - all of it was amazing and I loved it.

April 14-21, 2018: VIP conference #6, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Lecture series on “How to avoid common mistakes before, during and after surgery”.

See testimonials at www.veterinariansinparadise.com/testimonials

March 28, 2018: “Making sense of ACL tears.” AnimERge event. Basking Ridge, NJ.

* Comment from the organizer:
“Dear Dr. Zeltzman: Animerge and our participating hospitals were pleased with your presentation “Making sense of ACL surgery” at our CE dinner meeting. We were all both entertained and educated with your interactive style and your sensible protocol to managing cruciate injury. Your engaging (and funny) presentation reduced often confusing signs with a simplified diagnostic approach.
I encourage every practitioner to read your articles, books, and blogs; they will get smarter and have fun in the process. Sincerely yours,
Dean Newton, DVM, Director of Animerge PC”

* Comment from the organizer’s assistant:
“Thank you so much for making last night's Animerge CE a great success! Your talk on ACLs was truly informative and engaging for all our RDVMs.”

February 1, 2018: "financial" lecture to vet students at the Purdue Vet School:

Comments from attendees:

. He gave us direction on where to do our own research which was wildly valuable.

. I liked the last part about budgeting and how much to put away.

. I liked all the advice you gave. Really gave me some perspective and made me want to create a plan to ensure I will have proper savings and a budget.

. It encouraged me to get on top of things.

. His breakdown of terms was good, and critically important.

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