November 4, 2021: Presentations to the Buffalo Academy of Veterinary Medicine:
. Making sense of ACL surgery
. How to handle pain like a boss

Comment from the organizer:

“Everything went well!!
I thought you were great and so far all of the feedback is that you were helpful and relevant!
Dr. Mercedes”

September 18-19, 2021: co-planned, coordinated and co-hosted (virtually) the 2nd Vet Financial Summit (www.VetFinancialSummit.com).

Presentation: "I found the secret to happiness."
Attendee comments:
. "It is just so helpful hearing this from a veterinary perspective "
. "This was very helpful. I liked that he simplified it as much as possible. "
. "Already found an accountability buddy and ready to start implementing Phil's secrets to happiness!"

Presentation: "10 easy steps to start a business."
Attendee comments:
" I hoped I might learn something new in this session even after having started a business.
I was so happy to have a few take-aways!
I found steps 9 & 10 to be the best ones to focus on for an existing business."

July 2021 – Clinician’s Brief and Televet Webinar –“Keep more of your money.”

May 2021 – co-planned, co-hosted and presented at (virtually) the 3rd edition of S3, SURGE Surgical Symposium.

April 2021 – Presentation at the Uncharted Veterinary Conference: “How to create your vet med puzzle.”

February 2021 – Launched the Vet Financial Summit podcast.

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