* September 29,  2014: “Surgical challenges” in Reading, PA.

Comment from an attendee: “Thank you for an entertaining and educational lecture last Monday. Everyone had a nice time.”

* September 2014:  Invitation for a lecture series in Shanghai, China: knee surgery; hip surgery; elbow surgery; abdominal surgery; neurosurgery.

* August 2, 2014: TTA Rapid course in Denver, CO.

* June 14, 2014: TTA Rapid course in Roanoke, VA.

* May 19, 2014: “What’s the best way to fix ACL tears?” in Reading, PA.

* May 12, 2014: “Abdominal surgery” in Harrisburg, PA.

* March 8 & 9, 2014, Presented 10 conferences at the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association:

-Open wound management

-Surgical asepsis (parts 1 & 2)

-Improving patient care

-Preventing hypothermia

-Neuro exam

-Partial ACL tears

-Patellar luxations

-Hip dysplasia

-Treating arthritis

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