Harley's Story of ACL (CCL) Tear and TPLO

Harley, a 6 year old Lab, recently had a TPLO to address his ACL tear (aka CCL). One month after surgery, MP, his owner, writes:
“Dr. Zeltzman, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for performing the TPLO surgery on Harley. We are 4 weeks postop and we are amazed at his progress. We just can’t believe what progress he has made and how good he is walking already. We can’t wait to see what he looks like in 4 more weeks. He seems so happy other than being confined to a room and not being able to be with the rest of the family. We are thankful for everything you have done for him. If it weren’t for you I am not sure what the outcome would have been. We had been taking him to our vet for this problem for many months and seeing you for the first time you diagnosed him immediately.”

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