Scruffino's Story of Invasive Neck/Throat Cancerous Tumor

Scruffino, a 10 year old cat, had an extremely invasive neck/throat cancerous tumor removed.  His owner, DC, writes after surgery:

“Dear Dr. Zeltzman, Like yourself, I am a writer, but I am without words at this time to express my thanks for your compassion and honesty concerning Scruffino. I expected him to look a lot worse with everything that needed to be done to give him relief, but he actually looks quite good. There is minimal swelling at this time. (…) As I said, no matter the outcome, I knew you would do the best you could for him, as your reputation goes before you. You, clearly, were very generous to me concerning your fee with the time and complexity of the surgery. You are very kind. I am pleased that things went as well as they did. There is no question that you are “the man” if I need surgery for any of my other pets! Best regards.”

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