Cinder's Story of Fractured Leg

Cinder was a stray kitten who barely weighed over 1 pound.  She had a double fracture in the humerus (the bone in the arm) and the radius (the bone in the forearm).  But her rescuer decided to let her have surgery.

Cinder, a very cute but crazy 2 month old male stray kitten had a broken forearm (radius bone) which was pinned. After 1 month, X-rays showed very nice healing.  His owner and savior, FS, writes:

“Dear Dr Zeltzman, you repaired a broken radius for my kitten Cinder, and we were both glad to hear that we can now increase his activity.  His first venture was uneventful, and clearly he was happy to have a look around the room.  I will follow your schedule carefully, and look forward to starting rehab when healing is complete.  Thanks for your dedication and skill.”

A year later, FS writes:  “Hi Dr Zeltzman,  It is almost a year since you repaired the broken foreleg of my then tiny black kitten Cinder.  He is now big, strong, and very active. (…) Thanks again for your expertise and dedication.” 

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