Mandie's Story of Bladder Infections and Redundant Vulvar Fold

Mandie, a 9 year olf Mastiff, had a very severe case of "redundant vulvar fold" ie extra skin convering her vulva.  Because of it, she had ongoing bladder infections, the last one being due to MRSA.  After surgery (to remove the extra skin), her owner, JZ writes:
"Dear Dr. Zeltzman, You made my Mother’s Day! You saved Mandie! We received the BEST news ever yesterday from our vet!  Mandie’s urine sample came back infection free. For nearly two years, she has suffered! Your surgeries, all three of them, saved her life, especially this last one! You have no idea how much we respect you and admire your profession!  Thank you so much for helping our little girl."

(To appreciate this comment, you need to understand that this little girl weighs almost 150 pounds!  The reference to 3 surgeries is because we had done TPLO surgery on both of her knees before.)

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