Garrison's Story of Jaw Cancer

Pet owners are often horrified at the thought of removing part of a jaw to treat a tumor, benign or cancerous.  Yet dogs typically do amazingly well after the surgery.  We recently did surgery to treat an acanthomatous epulis (a cancerous mass) on Garrison, an 8 year old Akita.  We removed the entire front part of the lower jaw (rostral mandibulectomy).  Here is what his vet wrote on the very next day:
"Just wanted to let you know Garrison looks great today.  This morning, he is up and about, tail wagging, and ate a whole can of food, including licking the bowl completely clean.  Still has some minor bleeding but very little swelling.  Seems very comfortable and I think cosmetically it looks really good."


After 3 weeks, Garrison's vet writes: "I rechecked him yesterday and I think it looks fantastic.  He is acting completely normally.  He definitely drools a little more than normal (as expected) but really that is the only difference I see.  Thanks so much for another successful surgery :-)"

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