Maddie's Story of Weakness and Benign Tumor

Mattingly (Maddie), a 9 year old Lab, had some mysterious weakness episodes.  A mass was found in her belly.  Surgery revealed a baseball sized tumor attached to her stomach, which was removed in surgery. Amazingly, the biopsy showed that the mass was benign (pyloric leiomyoma).

Her owner AK writes:

“I think of you and Dr. D. often because you allowed my entire family to stay together. Mattingly is a special and important member of our family.”
and later:

“Dr. Zeltzman,

We’d like to express our sincerest thank you for participating in Mattingly’s surgery back in March of this year.  As we were working through the phases of Mattingly’s illness, Dr. D. continually reiterated to us that if we reached the point that surgery was required, he had the fullest confidence in your abilities and experiences and that there was no one that he could recommend with higher regards.

The news that we received from Dr. D. following Mattingly’s surgery was obviously as positive as we could possibly expect.  We thank you for all that you did to make time for Mattingly’s surgery and throughout the surgery preparation, including the pre-surgery phone call.

Mattingly continues to do very well following the surgery and if it weren’t for the incision, one would never know she was recently ill.  Our entire family is thankful for your involvement and grateful for having many more memorable moments to share with Mattingly.”

An embarrassing message...  You'd think I make these things up...

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