Blayze's Story of Cancerous Anal Sac

Blayze, an 11 year old German Shepherd, had surgery to remove his cancerous left anal sac (called adenocarcinoma).  We also placed some cisplatin (chemo) impregnated beads.  Eventually, he was humanely euthanized a long while after his surgery.  AM, his owner wrote:

"These days people are inclined to comment only when things go wrong.  I like to comment when things go right :)

You did an excellent job with Blayze's surgery.  But what's more important to me is the personal effects you put into it.  You were excellent with follow-up and very compassionate to both Blayze and myself.  You offered help at any time.  You even called me at home when you didn't have to.  You made business somewhat personal.  He wasn't operated on and forgotten.  You were also to the point with the bad news.  I've had a few vets avoid telling me bad news or sugar coat it and it's quite unsettling.  I appreciate the fact that you're up-front.  You told me Blayze would have a recurrence and I'm convinced that he did. Heck, when I took Blayze back to my vet when he was terminally ill the doctor wouldn't give me a presumed diagnosis.  Do you know how hard it is to put your pet down not knowing what exactly was ailing him?  I could have put him through a few days more or torture until we knew for sure but I couldn't stand to see him like that just so I could have peace of mind.  I'm sure the vet meant well, but I went looking for answers and got nothing.  He wouldn't even tell me that it was probably more cancer.  Anyway, you're a good person and an excellent surgeon."

Four months after surgery, his owner writes:

“Hi Dr. Zeltzman!

(…) I'm very happy with all that you've done in order to try and help my boy.  You're helpful, kind, caring, compassionate, and you are an excellent surgeon!!  I'd recommend you to anyone in an instant.  I'm keeping the faith that Blayze's cancer won't re-appear.

I read your newsletter regularly and I find a lot of helpful information there.  As they say, something good can always come out of a bad situation.    Thanks again Dr. Zeltzman!   AM”

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