Pebbles' Story of Slipped Disc and Back Surgery

Pebbles, an 8 year old Doxie, had surgery to remove a slipped disc in her back (between vertebrae T12 and 13). Incidentally, her buddy Missy also had had back surgery by yours truly.  Their owner GL writes:

“Just a note to tell you that my girl, Pebbles, is well and kicking. After her back surgery in May, I didn't know how things would turn out but literally after one day, she stood up and continued to heal and improve. It is now October 1st and Pebbles is even better now than she was before she herniated her disc.

I believe that she was probably living with some sort of chronic pain and discomfort. Her vet and I never picked up on anything. We thought she was just a very high strung dog. Since her surgery, not only is she happier and more playful, she is much calmer. I wish to thank you again and again and bless your hands and expertise.

Thanks to you, both my doxies, Missy and Pebbles, are living better lives. (…) I hope that you will allow me to recommend you to any clients that may need a fantastic orthopedic surgeon for any of their pets.”

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