Parker's Story of Urinary Obstruction

Parker, a 7 year old male Dalmatian had surgery to relieve a urinary obstruction.  He couldn’t urinate because bladder stones blocked his urethra. So he had both bladder (cystotomy) and urethra (urethrostomy) surgery.

His owner SB writes: “Parker is doing great! Back to normal, peeing well, playing with our grandkids.  I hope you will keep your newsletter its so informative for all of us pet owners.  We are so lucky, thank you sooo much.”

Parker is a 7 year old Dalmatian, who had bladder and urethral stones.  He had a cystotomy (bladder surgery) and urethrostomy (a permanent opening in the urethra).  His 8 year old owner writes:

“Dear Vet, Thank you soooooo much for helping my puppy get better.  I had wanted 2 be a vet, since I was 3.  It has been very ruff times since Parker had surgery.  I could not play with him.  When you came along I was soooooo happy. You have taken such good care of my puppy!  I am very pleased.  I am now 8, and one of my dreams came true today!!  Visiting a vet/animal hospital!!

Love, Parker’s best friend, and Mom, MB.”

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