Snoopy's Story of Bad Knees

Snoopy, an 8 month old Beagle, had bad knees.  Both needed surgery (one after the other).  

Snoopy was an 8 month Beagle with 2 bad knees. He had surgery twice to stabilize dislocated kneecaps (lateral patellar luxations).

His owner EH writes:

“You performed double Lateral Luxating Patella Surgery on our beagle puppy Snoopy last year.
We were going to wait until after his recovery to stop by and personally thank you for giving our baby back his God givin right to walk pain free.  He is doing very well.  He seems happier and LOVES going for walks again!  I swear he even smiles now! 

The confinement was VERY hard to stomach.  Especially when he kept crying and even after he tore through our wall to wall carpeting... But, it is worth every minute of it when we see him enjoying his walks and play time again!  
We are lucky to have had this experience.  We were going to take his brother home that day at the beagle rescue.  But decided to take Snoopy instead for some reason. We feel that had anyone else adopted Snoopy, they might not have given him the care he needed.  We are so blessed to have added him to our family.  We do not have any children - Snoopy fills that little void in our lives. 
So, Dr. Zeltzman, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.”

His owner, EH, writes:  Hello Dr. Zeltzman!  Can you believe it has been one year since Snoopy's first surgery!?  He is FANTASTIC!  He love's barking at bunnies and walking every morning.  He also loves having his teeth brushed!  He is very health conscious!  I just wanted to send you a friendly hello to you.  Thanks again for everything you have done for our little guy!”

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