Jake's Story of Torn ACL and TPLO

Jake, a 5 year old Great Dane, has a torn ACL in the knee, which was stabilized with a TPLO. His owners JK & RK write:
“Dear Dr. Zeltzman:
We were very disappointed to find that you were no longer at Valley Central when it was time for us to schedule the 8-week appointment for final X-rays and examination on our Great Dane after his TPLO surgery.  You may recall that we had decided to come to you after doing a lot of research on your qualifications; and you had convinced us (particularly me) that the procedure you used was superior to the others about which I had read.
I am very happy to report that Jake is now doing as well as he was before the injury, and we are very grateful for your surgical skill and your persuasive personality (((note: JK assured me that this is a compliment!))).
I realize that there is still a risk to Jake's other leg and hope that, heaven forbid, should that leg sustain injury, you will once again be available.
Thank you so very much for giving us back our best buddy!”

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