Chubby's Story of Skull Tumor

Chubby is a very unlucky 13 year old kitty who had a strange tumor of the top of her skull. It turned out to be a fibrosarcoma (based on a biopsy). Her owner KF writes:

“Dr. Zeltzman, 
I really enjoy your newsletters and will continue to subscribe in the future.
Just wanted to give you an update on Chubby.  I first found a lump on her head on Christmas Eve.  My family vet referred me to you.  You did a biopsy and found an aggressive form of cancer.  We decided it was best not to do surgery.  She is 13+ years of age.   Can you be my primary care doctor?  Just kidding.  The options and explanations you provided for Chubby’s care were excellent and helped us make our decision.
I just wanted to thank you and hope you will stay in the Lehigh Valley.  I have told all my family and friends about your excellent care.   Unfortunately, as you predicted, Chubby isn’t doing very well.  She has now become disoriented.  We have moved her into a room where she has all her needs met.  Food, water, litter and a comfortable bed on the floor.  She never liked to be held much but she is constantly around my feet and loves to be cuddled now.  
I did print off your quality of life screen as you recommended.  She will be going to kitty heaven very soon.  Thank you so much for everything.   We will be giving a new kitten a wonderful life once we adopt her from a local shelter.  Hope her older sister, Peaches, enjoys her as well.    Thank you.”

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