Skipper's Story of Thigh Bone Fracture

Skipper is an 11 month old Sheltie whose thigh bone fracture was repaired with 2 pins. He healed nicely after 2 months. His owner RT writes:

”To Dr Zeltzman and all the staff at Valley Central,

Thank you for your kindness towards Skipper and our family.  You are very special people.  It is refreshing to meet such a caring group of people.  No one was ever bothered by my phone calls and you were all so patient with me.  Thank you. I could tell you treated Skipper with love.

Skipper is doing well.  He uses his leg all of the time and bears full weight on his foot.  He does well with his walks.  We allow him to play for short periods of time. He still limps at times but usually this lasts only for a few minutes. (…) We are very careful about jumping and rearranged furniture and close doors to prevent any more fractures as Skipper is still a playful puppy.

Thank you again.”

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