Harley's Story of Shattered Femur

Harley is a 6 year old who thought it would be a good idea to run away from the yard… She was hit by a car and shattered her left femur (thigh bone).  After 2 extensive surgeries, physical therapy and acupuncture, her owner RS writes:

“Dear Dr Zeltzman,
(...) Harley has improved tremendously. While there are days when she still prefers to use only the three legs, she now can use all four to walk and run. I have seen her use all four going down the steps, just one time, but still. Her range of motion has improved unbelievably.  Sometimes I think it is not a question of can she use the leg more, but if she wants to use the leg more. After her acupuncture, the leg muscles are much looser and she is so relaxed. She is now only getting this treatment once a month. She occasionally still swings the leg to walk, but that is becoming less often the case. I am happy with her progress and thank you, Beth, and Dr. D. for her amazing recovery.”

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