Alaska's Story of Neck Mass

Alaska  was in bad shape when he first came in.  The 4 year old Polish Lowland Sheepdog mix could barely breathe because of a big mass in the back his throat, and a huge mass under his neck.
Long story short, after biopsies, several surgeries and a tracheostomy,  Alaska  eventually recovered very well.  Luckily, all masses were benign!
DP writes:
"Dr Zeltzman and staff:  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help and professionalism.   Alaska  would actually run to the door (of your clinic)!  Thank you for your kindness."

A few months later, PL writes:
Alaska, a 10 year old Husky, had free air in his chest (spontaneous pneumothorax) due to a ruptured bulla in his lung. He had open chest surgery (thoracotomy) to fix the problem and recovered well. His owner PL writes: “Dr. Zeltzman and staff: You gave me and my husband two more years with our friend Alaska. We hope there will be many more.”

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