Bailey's Story of Nasal Cancer

Bailey is a 10 year old Sheltie.  The biopsy of swelling under his right eye revealed nasal cancer (carcinoma).  An MRI showed what it was starting to go into the brain, so further surgery was not offered.  His owner writes: 
“Dear Dr. Zeltzman,

Thank you for addressing the issue of cancer in your last newsletter.  Bailey is doing OK - he's such a good boy - but I have noticed that his nose is becoming congested again and I am watching him carefully.  I have downloaded the Quality of Life scale and will refer to it when it becomes necessary. 

Thank you for the excellent care you have given him, and for your prompt and honest update on his condition following both the biopsy and the MRI.  I appreciate the frank, yet caring, way you delivered the awful news to me and I also appreciate the information in this newsletter.”

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