Nikita's Story of Spontaneous Pneumothorax (Free Air in Chest)

Nikita is an 11 year old Husky who had a mysterious condition called a spontaneous pneumothorax (free air in the chest). She was treated with chest tubes. It recurred. So she had surgery (lung lobe removal and chemical + mechanical pleurodesis).  Four months after surgery, AG, her owner, writes:
"Hi Dr. Zeltzman, Not a day goes by that we don't think about you and your staff.  We're grateful for the care you gave Nikita in her 2 visits to your hospital.
One of the techs shared her lunch (chicken) with Nikita (...). We also remember the techs who hand fed her cat food!
Nikita is doing well.  Sometimes, we worry about her breathing, but at night her breaths are normal. She is VERY rowdy so we know she is feeling good.
Thank you so much for all you and your staff have done to carefor Nikita, and for the time we get to spend with her going forward."

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