Keiser's Story of Rib Cancer and Khazak's Story of Bladder Cancer

We treated two dogs in the same family, Keiser and Khazak.  SG recalls:
“Dear Dr. Zeltzman,
A Merry Christmas to you from Keiser and Khazak!
You operated on Keiser for rib chondrosarcoma this past spring. He's a 5 year-old Blue Heeler - well, he was a 5 year-old dog.  Thanks to your surgical expertise, we celebrated his 6th birthday in November.
Also hello from Khazak. He's a shepherd mix who came for a consultation in July. He has bladder transitional cell carcinoma.  You were very compassionate and helpful, explaining much about the disease and what you could do to help.  We opted for the UGELAB technique (Ultrasound Guided Endoscopic Laser Ablation). Khazak is now doing well, too. We celebrated his 8th birthday in October.  I am lucky to have my pups here for the holidays, and I thank you for helping to make that possible!”

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