Abby's Story of Achilles Tendon Weakness and Lazy Thyroid

Abby, a 9 year old Lab, had a very unusual weakness in her Achilles tendon.  We eventually discovered that it was due to a lazy thyroid.  JS simply writes:
"Thank you for such wonderful care of our Abby."

Abby, an 8 year-old Labrador, had issues with her Achiles tendons.  She is one in a million, as it turns out that her problems were due to a lazy thyroid.  JS writes: "Dr. Zeltzman, We are very grateful for the tremendous care that you gave our Abby.  We are blessed that you were her doctor and saved us a great deal of time not having to drive to Philadelphia.  Abby's legs are greatly improving.  She is walking more like a canine everyday.  Her thyroid meds have totally changed her attitude.  She is like a puppy again.  
Thank you for not giving up until you found the cause of her leg issues.
PS: Abby will always remember you singing Happy Birthday in French and English!"

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