Herbie's Story of Urethral Blockage and Bladder Stones

Herbie is a 16 year old male kitty who was "blocked."  He couldn't pee because of some stones in his urethra, as well as in his bladder.  So he had double surgery: a "P/U" (Perineal Urethrostomy) and bladder surgery.
Not all pet owners would be willing to do surgery on a 16 year old pet.  Herbie's owner did.  KS writes:
"Dr. Zeltzman,  I just wanted to say Thank You. 
Herbie (...) is doing wonderful. Thanks to you, my boy is now happy & healthy (knock on wood).
I must admit that when he first came home, I was devastated & wondered if I had made the right decision. He's 16 years old and the last thing I wanted to do was make him suffer because I'm too selfish to let him go. I really thought we wouldn't get through it. We were BOTH so sad...he was so mopey being stuck in the playpen with that cone on his head for such a long period of time and I was so sad watching him....I was more of a wreck than he was!
But, I'm happy to report that he is back to being the "man" of the house and seems quite happy and content. He's playful & running around like a maniac.
He's the love of my life and you saved him....I can't thank you enough!  May you get a wonderful blessing for every animal you save, because you don't even KNOW how much your work affects those of us that love our pets so much! 
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!"

UPDATE: 8 months later, Herbie is still doing great, and KS sent another sweet note saying: “Thank you for giving me more time with him!"

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