Missy's Story of Paralyzation

Missy, a 5 year old female Doxie, was almost paralyzed in the back legs. Seven months later, GL writes:
Dear Dr Zeltzman, On April 26, 2007, we brought our mini-Dachshund Missy to your facility. Missy was in very bad shape and was in terrible pain. She could hardly walk. On April 27, you performed back surgery on our precious pet. When we visited her after surgery, I cried my eyes out as I didn’t know whether or not I had made the right decision. She was paralyzed temporarily from the waist down.
Well, after 8 weeks of rest and rehabilitation, Missy was a new dog! She got het legs back! It is now 7 months since her surgery and she is growing stronger every day. She literally hops, runs and play more than ever. (…) She is almost completely back to normal. She seems to be happy.
(…) Our family wants to thank all of you for your expertise and compassion toward your patients and their families. If it weren’t for all of you, and especially you, Dr. Zeltzman, I doubt we would still have Missy. Thank you for saving her life!"

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