Zeus' Story of Organ Malformation

Zeus, a very cute 4 year old male Doxie, just went to "doggie heaven". I met Zeus when he was just few weeks old, -the cuttest furball that would fit in your hand-, with basically no anus and a malformed penis. After extensive reconstructive surgery and an unusual amount of TLC by his incredibly dedicated owners, Zeus became kind of a star at the clinic, and overall a happy, functional pet.  He recently got into complications (pancreatitis, kidney failure...) and was sadly but humanely enthanized. 
SK writes: "We can't thank you enough for everything you did for Zeus and us. While we miss him terribly (...), we continue to count all the wonderful days we had with our loving dog. (...) Your expertise and caring hands gave us our greatest gift, and words can't express our gratitude to you. You are a special and gifted person."
I will always remember Zeus as being a fighter that definitely beat the odds.  We all could learn a lot from Zeus!

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