Abbee's Story of Shoulder Dislocation

Abbee, a sweet 9 year old female Sheltie, had a shoulder luxation (dislocation). The surgery was a big challenge because her owner, TMC, made it clear that her passion was agility, and Abbee was not willing to give it up because of a silly shoulder injury!
Years later, TMC writes: “I took Abbee to another orthopedic vet due to her arthritis. He commented that her surgery was well done. Abbee is back running in agility again. She gets so excited, I can hardly keep up with her. Just thought you would like to know how well she is doing. She is now 11 years old. She has earned several first place blue ribbons.  Thank you again for the good job. We love Abbee so much, and to see her run and be happy means so much to us.”

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