Max's Story of Urinary Obstruction

Max, a 2 year old cat, had a penis surgery to help him pee (P/U, or perineal urethrostomy) done "elsewhere". He came to us with large, urine-soaked wounds on his belly, and no way to urinate. After one surgery to help him pee (prepubic urethrostomy), weeks of wound management, and two major reconstructive surgeries to repair the wounds, he recovered well.
DD writes: "Thank you so much for your generosity of care, support & time (especially your willingness to stay late on a Friday night) in the treatment of my much loved cat, Max. His wounds are continuing to heal (...)."
A year later, DD surprises us with an update: "Max celebrated a year of being a healthy and happy little guy. And that has to be a least 90% due to you, the miracle worker (...). He continues to be the coolest cat I have ever had (...). Again, thank you so very much for all the skill, patience, compassion, kindness and generosity that you extended to both of us. I am so grateful that you were there to work miracles."

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