Corky's Story of Slipped Disk

Corky, a 6 year old Maltese, had a slipped disc in his back. KA writes: "Dear Dr Zeltzman, I would like to thank you for all of your time and hard work with Corky. We had doubts that he would have such a successful recovery, but thanks to your expertise, he is nearly back to himself. Your passion and dedication toward your profession is clearly visible and we like to thank you for the extra time and effort you have shown us, through numerous phone calls and your sincere concern for his progress. It is quite obvious that your heart is really with your work, patients and clients (...)."
Then KA sent a letter to my boss!!! "(...) I live in Milwaukee, WI, and traveled to Illinois the day my dog hurt his back. I arrived after 10 pm and Dr Phil Zeltzman assessed Corky and immediately took him in for surgery. He called following surgery to let us know how it went and followed up numerous times with phone calls while Corky was a patient, and several times after we brought him home. I feel he went above his call of duty and should be recognized for his long hours (seems as if he never leaves there, as every time I called he was there, day and night), compassion for his patients and clients, and on-going dedication toward his profession. It is quite obvious that his heart is really in his work and I appreciate that (...). The night I left him there for surgery, I felt good driving back to Milwaukee knowing he was in a good place and the best of hands with Dr Zeltzman (...). Thank you for taking care of Corky, and providing us with the best doctor that I have encountered."

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