Rudy’s amazing TPLO story

Rudy, a 5 year old Lab, had a torn ACL. She had a TPLO out of State, with a well-known board-certified surgeon. When her opposite ACL tore, Rudy’s owner had a big dilemma: go back to the same surgeon X hours away, or trust me to do it at her family vet’s practice. Well, I did the surgery. Her owner PG writes:

“Hi Dr. Zeltzman- I wanted to thank you for the surgery you performed on my dog just two weeks ago. It's hard to imagine she just had surgery. She began bearing weight on her leg almost immediately following surgery; I am amazed at how well she is doing. I don't recall the initial TPLO going so well. The recovery has been great (fingers crossed.).

(…) Thanks again for helping my girl! I was reluctant to have it done locally but I'm so glad I did. You certainly are great at what you do.”

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