Conan’s inspiring cancer survival story

Conan, a 9 year old Lab, was diagnosed with anal sac cancer. His owner TT, who lives in Washington DC, drove all the way to PA (an over 3 and 1/2 hour drive) to let me do the surgery on Conan. Sadly, he recently passed away. I usually post such testimonials under “Sad Stories,” but I thought I would make an exception for Conan. His amazing owners, TH & TT, write:

“I hope all is well. I am saddened to let you know that Conan passed away his morning. The cancer was just faster than we all hoped for. You gave him amazing extra 7 months of the life he wouldn't have without you. Till the last minute Conan was cheerful and full of life As he was falling asleep he was surrounded by all that loved him and went on to better things to do. We will never forget what you have done.”

After I posted a memorial message on my Facebook (, Conan’s owners sent 2 more incredibly nice messages:

“Thank you for your kind words, Dr. Zeltzman. And for everything you have done for Conan and us. Conan was a very special dog and he touched so many people's lives. We are so very grateful to you to have given us the extra 7 months with him, which we all lived to the fullest!!! May you continue to make other pets and owners as happy as you did us. You are a truly special person. LH”

"There are only a few great doctors that I had a chance to encounter in my lifetime. Dr. Phil Zeltzman is the most unique person that I had that pleasure to deal with a true professional and skilled Doctor. The care he provided for my boy Conan is beyond anything I could wish and hoped for. Although there is a major hole in my soul as Conan departed across the rainbow bridge into the heaven, I feel happiness by giving him a chance to life at the highest quality imaginable for the past almost 8 months. Thanks Dr. Phil Zeltzman for every moment from past 8 months. These memories will never vanish. Forever grateful. TT”

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