Cassie is pain free after 2 TPLOs

Cassie, a beautiful 5 year old Kuvasz (a livestock dog originally from Hungary), had 2 TPLOs, 6 months apart, to address tears on her ACLs. She had very severe arthritis in both knees. Her owner LM writes:

“Hi Dr. Zeltzman: I wanted to give you an update on Cassie. She is doing much better. She completed 6 weeks of weekly Adequan injections and this has really helped her. When she was examined by her family vet after the 6th week, she exhibited no pain at all upon exam, which was quite different from her pre-surgical exams. She will continue the injections every 3 weeks for now and if she continues to do well we will go to monthly.

Cassie is a happy and playful dog again. I am able to power walk/slow jog with her without her jumping at the leash to stop me. She initiates play with our other dog and she runs around the house and the yard with him. It is obvious to us that she is a different dog now that both of her knees are repaired. We can't thank you enough for freeing Cassie of her pain and enabling her to be a dog again. She is back to staying outside all day and just enjoying herself.

Thank you for the excellent care you provided for Cassie.”

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