Steeler, successful story of spleen removal

Steeler, an 8 year old Golden, has an ultrasound that showed 2 “incidental” masses in his spleen.
His owner asked me to perform surgery. We talked about the odds of benign vs. malignant masses. After a lot of soul-searching, Charlie’s owners decided to go for it. We removed the spleen and found some masses in the liver, which we biopsied. Fortunately, the biopsies all came back benign, both from the spleen and the liver (nodular hyperplasia).

One month after surgery, his owner BS writes:
“Hello Dr. Zeltzman, I wanted to give you an update on Steeler. In a word, normal! Strong, eating well, wanting to run, jump and play.”

2 month postop update:
“We are 2 months out from Steeler's surgery, and he is doing great! He is as strong as ever, running, playing, swimming and wrestling with Kiesel! (...) He is in great shape, lean and very active. Thank you very much for your care and professional expertise. We look forward to more great years with Steeler!”

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