Skyy, story of successful surgery for a slipped disc in the neck

Skyy, an 8 year old Chihuahua mix, has surgery (a “ventral slot”) for a slipped disc in her neck (C5-C6). This is a risky surgery that doesn’t allow much room for error, especially in such a tiny dog. Sky’s owner, KS, writes:

“I knew my dog Skyy was having a serious problem when she didn't want to go down the stairs and whimpered. She is always a happy dog that never slows down and is always doing a little "dance" on her back legs. I took her to the vet the next day and had a consult with Dr Zeltzman. From the neuro exam, he had a strong feeling that she had a slipped disc in her neck. A few days later Skyy had an MRI which confirmed that she had a slipped disc and was scheduled for surgery. I know from my own experience with disc problems that spinal issues can progress quickly and lead to major and sometimes permanent damage such as loss of function of one or more legs. Dr Zeltzman prescribed pain medications and instructions to help keep her calm and comfortable until her surgery. After surgery she was still painful and weak but she progressed each day and now is back to normal, like nothing ever happened! Huge thanks to Dr Zeltzman for being so helpful, kind and skilled to save my "Skyy-Byrd"!”

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