Thanksgiving 2016: Some amazing thank you notes from thankful owners of surgery patients:

*Red is a 4 year old Kelpie mix who had 2 TPLOs this year to address tears of her ACLs. Her owner MH writes: “I am thankful for you. You did 2 TPLO surgeries on our girl Red this year and she is doing great!”
And GH kindly added: “I agree fully with my wife. Thanks for giving Red the chance to enjoy running like a fool again.”

*Aurelius is a 4 year old Pitbull who also had 2 TPLOs this year to address tears of his ACLs. His owner AJ writes: “We also are thankful for you for giving us our happy dog back after 2 successful TPLOs this year.”

*Mandie, a 5 year old Mastiff, also had 2 TPLOs a while back to address tears of her ACLs. In addition, she has a gigantic extra skin fold over her vulva that causes repeated bladder infections. Her owner JZ writes: “Happy Thanksgiving! It's been a very long time since you took care of our English Mastiff, Mandie; but, I will never forget your kindness. She had 2 TPLO surgeries and a Vulva Plastic Surgery.”

*Bella is a 4 year old Lab who had repeated bladder infections. We removed the extra skin fold over her vulva (episioplasty or vulvoplasty). Her owner PD writes:
“At this time of giving thanks, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping our girl, Bella. Back in Aug. 2016, you performed a "nip & a tuck" (episioplasty, I think it was called) at Brodheadsville Veterinary Clinic, due to frequent UTI's & resulting behavior issues.
Since the surgery, Bella has had NO UTI's. She is, however, still "leaking", but her urines are completely clear of infection! She was just started on PPA for the incontinence. She is a MUCH happier girl, more comfortable & relaxed......

*Toby is a 7 year old German shepherd mix who probably has the worst case of end-stage otitis I've ever seen - in both ears. His owner drove all the way from Harrisburg for me to perform a TECA (Total Ear Canal Ablation), then another on the opposite ear a few weeks later. Toby has become head shy from the constant pain he was experiencing. The cartilage in the ear had virtually 100% turned into bone. Surgery was a big challenge, with a few bumps along the road, but we ended with good results.
His owner TOS writes: "I just wanted to thank you again for performing the surgeries on Toby. I know that his allergies will never go away, and will always be something that I have to deal with. However, for the first time since I adopted Toby, he wants me to pet his head, and rub his ears, his pain is finally gone. He is a different dog, he is acting like a puppy. Toby wants to play, that is something he didn't do before. For this, I am grateful."


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