Coda – an amazing note after prophylactic gastropexy

Coda, a gorgeous 1 year old German shepherd, was neutered (one testicle was inside the belly) and had belly surgery to perform a prophylactic gastropexy (tacking the stomach to prevent it from twisting) and to remove the cryptorchid testicle. His owner LL writes:
“Dear Dr. Zeltzman, I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful care that you gave to Coda during his recent surgery. I know you believe that you are "just doing your job," but for the family whose pet is under your care, it means so much more.
Thank you for being available and responding to my countless emails and questions before and after the surgery. No one is ever eager for surgery but knowing that your pet is in your hands sure puts our minds at ease. Thank you for your dedication to the health and well-being of our furry friends and for the quality of care that you provide.
I am well aware of the dedication and sacrifices it takes to be a member of the medical field (not to mention the lack of sleep). Your care, compassion, knowledge and skills are valued more than you know. We are VERY fortunate to have you.
Coda is healing well and I'm grateful that you were available for his medical/surgical needs. If it is possible to have a beautiful surgical site, his looks great! You do amazing work!
Thank you again for everything you do.”

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