Teddy (14 years old!): Happy ending after laryngeal paralysis surgery

Teddy, a 14 year old Golden retriever from Harrisburg, was diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis, which was treated with a tie back. About 3 months after surgery, his owner CF writes:
“Teddy is doing great! He is having no difficulty breathing, and he manages to eat most of his meals without having to cough up something that went down the “wrong way”. (…) He does still cough up some water, but the good news is that he coughs it up. I haven’t heard any of the “bad” coughs that you mentioned when I first talked with you. I have been taking him for walks every day (which he LOVES and insists upon!!!), and we are almost up to the distance we were taking him before the LarPar issue arose. He is very much back to his old self, and loving life like he did before he had the problem. (…)
Again, thank you for your patience and kindness and skill in giving Teddy back the life that he loves.”

If that’s not enough, CF then writes:
“I have been dealing with vets since 1994, and you are by far the most caring, compassionate vet I have met. When you were reluctant to operate on Teddy with aspirin in his system, it was clear to me that you didn't want to inadvertently be responsible for his passing on the operating table. That greatly impressed me as many vets I have dealt with would have done the surgery just for the fee. I would give you the highest recommendation and would trust you with any of my pets' lives. (...) You are forever in my debt.”

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