Double compliments after 2 TPLO surgeries (and a word about braces)

This will be an anonymous testimonial to protect the innocent…

An 8 year old shepherd had a torn ACL. Her dedicated owner chose to “avoid” surgery and had a brace fitted on her dog. The custom brace caused all kinds of sores and a skin infection. And a lot of discomfort. Then the other ACL tore. Was the poor dog going to wear 2 braces?

The owner decided then to pursue surgery. We did a TPLO on one side, then another TPLO on the second side two months later. After the second TPLO, the owner writes:

“Maybe she was just in such pain she laid around all day long, because now (...) she is a wild girl. (...) Her energy is off the charts and she still has 5 weeks 5 days confinement. (...)

She must have been in such pain for so long, without our knowing, that we naturally thought she was just getting old and lazy. These surgeries (...) have given her an energy I haven't seen in years. I am very hopeful that her twilight years will be filled with happiness for her that she would not have had without your help. Again, I can't thank you enough.

On a final note of my singing your praises... my vet was telling me, while removing the staples, how happy she was that she recommended you for her surgeon. She said "If you have the opportunity to send her to someone as talented as Dr. Zeltzman, you know she is going to do well :-) ”

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