Thank you note 3 months after a TPLO

Brandi, a 6 year old rescue Dobie, had a TPLO to address a torn ACL. Per her foster, SK, “her background is one of severe neglect.” She writes:
“Brandi is recovering beautifully from her TPLO. At this point you can barely see any muscular asymmetry between her two hind legs. She will limp a little bit when she first stands up, particularly in the evening. She sits with that left leg splayed out, but I'm sure that will be for life. We are walking up to 3 miles a day. Since she has reactivity issues it's hard to walk her on a long leash, but I'm giving her as much freedom as I can. Her background is one of severe neglect, so this is a first in her life. For me, this is a joy to behold.
Thank you for your excellent work. As I know from being a human physician, and from my own orthopedic issues, an uneventful recovery is the best!”

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