Great update 4 months after Lou’s elbow surgery

Lou, an 8 month old Golden, was limping and painful in his right front leg. It was determined that he had elbow dysplasia – specifically a Fragmented Coronoid Process (FCP) and Osteo-Chondritis Dissecans (OCD). Four months after surgery, his owner DW writes:
“(We) wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. One thing we are very thankful for is your skills as a surgeon that helped our Louie. He runs like crazy happy puppy! He is running longer and harder than he was able to before surgery. Can play ball running long distance and up and down hills. If he goes for too long he still has a slight limp. Never holds his foot up anymore. We only give him an anti-inflammatory once in a blue moon because the limp does not last for more than an hour or resolves after rest. He is making up 2 months in the man cave....the boy is a crazy puppy. He is the most loving, cuddly dog we've ever owned.”

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